Shop until we drop!

Bustle and hustle your way through the labyrinth of amazing sights, sounds and smells known as the Grand Bazaar. Built around 1450, it continues to be an important trading place at the meeting of the East and West.

Sun streams into Bazaar

Carpets, leather goods, gold and silver, fabrics and pottery in separate quarters of the Bazaar. It's impossible not to get lost. Fortunately, we always had a good guide, Nesli, who helped us find the way out. Although I remember once it took us a very long time to actually find the bazaar in the first place!



Judith and Nesli trying on some hats







  Nesli and Ste not trying on some hats.








Briefcases are quite expensive in England but good value in Turkey. I bought a nice leather one for 55 million Turkish Lire (28 GB pounds). But buying them is not quite so straight forward. Just ask Judith...

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