Their Garden, July 1999

Food is as ever the most important thing to many, and even though Alison and Malcolm were leaving us forever and we should have lost our appetites, we couldn't miss the opportunity to eat just a little bit more!

Yum yum!

Alison looking quite sad to going, Sad Ali!


Camille has the (good) fortune to be in the town for the night and met up with one of her best friends, that old devil, Mark V!Watch out for those eyes, Camille!

Watch out David - there's a tiger about!Fading fast - eat more quick!
Before this cat gets to the BBQ first!

You wouldn't know Karine had left the Spa, and some people had trouble remembering that that Judith had arrived for good - not for just the weekend!

Karine and others Ting and Judith have a laugh!

Even I had to peck at a little something, Well, strawberries are good for you!

Bye Ali and Malc... See you in the cold North soon.

This photograph has a deep historical meaning (except for Catherine being in it). One day Jana and Camille were walking down Northumberland Road, when an old lady called Joan was cutting her hedge... Links:  Ste - Alison - Joan - Camille - Frauke - Eric - Silke - Judith and Ste!


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